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Saturday 19th July 2014

New batch of eggs in the incubator. How did that happen? One buys 2 dozen eggs from a neighbouring farm (that happens to have roosters on it) and guess who gets bright ideas? YES me!

So I now have 14 eggs that are fertile. One being a DUCK EGG> YES YES YES. I see eyes when I candle. So exciting

So the 7th of July was day one - so we have just completed day 13. Stay tuned !

Saturday 21 June 2014 - 1.30 am 

Welcome to the world gorgeous 

Saturday 21 June 2014 - 1am- 1 egg delight.
Well at 1am I awoke to see this cute butt sticking out. Have seen worse. Couldn't go to bed after that. Excitement

Thursday 5 June 2014 - Pragmatic  Did candling today on the incubated eggs. 3 chicken and 5 duck. Looks like a possible 3 chicky's on their way, but no ducklings for us. Sad. But Jasper was very accepting. I will keep up my mother hen duties, by turning the handle every few hours. Wish us luck!
Friday 30 May 2014 - Hopeful  We lost our babies the other day, murdered by ze Fox!  The first thing Jasper and I both noticed when we came inside, sad as, where 5 duck eggs sitting in the fruit basket. 5 days previously laid by our girl. It only took Jasper seconds to comprehend that we could possibly incubate these eggs and have offspring. The only question was - where they fertile? Only one way to find out.

"Lets do it mum, I want ducklings" I was a bit reluctant. Things had to change on the property. Loosing animals was just too sad. I had to de-fox the areas for my chooks and ducks.  But I fired up the incubator yesterday, set the temperature, and this morning in went the 5 eggs. I also added 2 chook eggs for good measure. I will need something special after 4 weeks. Even if it is just a cute little baby chick. I would have put more chook eggs in but that was all the girls laid the last 24 hours. I will check again tonight when I get home. The more the merrier !

Wednesday 28 May 2014 - Heartbroken :-( Nothing worse than waking up in the morning to find little souls that you love and adore killed. That overwhelming feeling of failing, not protecting them and keeping them safe sweeps over you.Then all day thinking about them not being there when you get home. I couldn't even count how many times they made us laugh, smile and warm our hearts. Not seeing them run around, not seeing the relationship building with the other pets, just not seeing those 2 little beautiful babies. The reality is, I love animals more than humans and to lose them just breaks my heart so much. The biggest failing is letting my son down. I just didn't make their home safe enough. So now I have to help my son deal with the grief and learning to put blame aside and move forward. Lots of tear, hugs and motivation to do it all better next time. R.I.P our beautiful babies. We loved you alot. xo

Sunday 25 May 2014 - I love my property, 6 acres of bliss and I love being here, but the amount of time I have to put in, to get it up to scratch really overwhelms me. It makes me sad that I don't have a partner I can share this with.  But it is such a conflict to want to share this with the one I love and yet keep my Independence, and live on my own.

Today I really wanted to paint my lounge ceilings. Today I didn't feel like painting my lounge ceilings. I procrastinated most of the day and did most of them. Clearly could have done allot more - but didn't. Feeling a bit sore, guilty and vulnerable tonight.

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