How the confident live... good luck to you if you tick all these boxes ~!

I read this great blog yesterday on the Internet, scary but it really made me sit up.

It is a list of 13 things confident people do differently

Why was it scary? Because it was so glaringly obvious that I am NOT confident.


It is none of your business

QUESTION LADIES: and I should say GUYS because I have seen guys do this too.

Why do we go Pain shopping?

Why do we ask, look and preety much go out of our way to find out information that is going to hurt us ?


Woman - you hold the keys to the universe

Woman: You hold the keys to the Universe

From your womb came mankind. And yet .... what are we today? Who are we today ?

Do we really know our own true value. Do we give ourselves away too freely. Do we understand how sacred our souls, minds and bodies are?


Coming out of Withdrawal

Your either an addict - or your not.
You either understand or you don't.

You either know someone who is or you don't.
You either have compassion or you don't.


The Gift of Withdrawal

There is a list as long as my arm of things that happen to you when you put down addictions - the list of withdrawal.

Previously, I wouldn't have known - because I wasn't very good at putting my addictions down. I liked to keep my hands firmly on the wheel. Didn't do me any good.