There is always two sides to a story....

Ever gotten upset by what you perceived someone has done or said about you. Heard half the details and you want to go to them and give them what for?

Ever looked at the way someone looks and acts and immediately form an opinion of them? Have you ever stopped to think about their history, their journey and who they really are. Ever been hurt because someone is not talking to you and not smiling at you? You think they don't like you. But it may just be they are busy, distracted. Sad.

Looks don't tell the whole story. Behaviour does not tell the whole story and your reactions are simply your perception. You may react to what you think the other person is thinking . What you think the other person is meaning. They say talk face to face to ensure the message is communicated clearly because sending things in writing will not show the emotion. I am discovering even face to face communication can be just as murky because one mind communicating to the other has a completely different thought process. We are talking different genders, different generations, different emotional feelings. Different intellects. Different nationalities. Different personalities. Different hormones. Different beliefs. So many variables can lead you to misconstrue what the other person is attempting to communicate to you.

Public mediums now also leave us wide open to mis interpretations. You can post lovely pictures and captions on Social media. They can incite envy, judgement, criticism or they can connect you to people that you would not normally have connected with.

This subject could expand in so many ways. The seed that entered my mind on this subject is seeing people react to what they perceive has occurred. And their reaction is based on third hand information and at that, all the facts are not included. They then base their opinions and judgement on this heresy. I personally am seeing this happening every where. Perhaps I even do it myself.

And that is what concerns me. The world is all so concerned about what other people are doing, are not doing and how other people are acting. People all over the world are reacting to half stories and the actions of another person. One of the big things that I am now trying to learn, and teach my kids is - and trust me this is very difficult. What other people do is NONE of my business. And to make it my business is to set myself up for grief. Because I don't know the full story, will never understand other peoples thoughts and motives.

What my friends do, what my boyfriend does , what my family does, what my work mates do. Is none of my business. Yes that is right. How hard they work, what chores they do, who they are friends with. None of my business. Yikes. Very hard. As long as they are open and honest about their intentions, then that is what matters. As long as they are respectful , kind and compassionate to you and others. That is all that matters. Because if they aren't, you can judge all you like. But at the end of the day, the onus is on us personally to remove ourselves from a harmful relationship.

It is a change from the way we did things in the 70's, 80's and 90's but I am slowly getting the gist of it.

I do comprehend the logic of it. Because if I remember to be the best person I can be, focus on doing my best at home, at work and as a friend , parent and lover, I will be fulfilled, content and I will be so busy enjoying life, that what other people do does not matter.

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