May the month of change

The month of May - PART 1

The month that everything happens, birthdays, mothers day, anniversaries, mid life crisis anniversaries and recovery anniversaries.

This day in May was the day I decided to start writing a blog.

I have been contemplating writing a blog for years on the thoughts, fears, experiences I have had my whole life, but always procrastinated. I used to journal and read since I was a teenager and then suddenly, 13 years ago I stopped. I had children, life took over and eventually I was loosing the grip of communicating my thoughts and loosing my grip on my present and my future. I was also loosing the gift of communicating the Queens English.

So thank you for your patience while my grammar gets up to speed. I will look back to this first blog one day and shudder at how basic it is, but we all must start somewhere. To do is to learn, and to learn is to do. I am keen to learn.

This blog is for a few purposes.

1. to journal

2. to help dispel long held beliefs that being skinny makes you happy

3. to share my struggles

4. to share my search for peace & serenity

5. to reassure those who also feel the same that they are not alone

6. to motivate those who feel its "just too hard"

7. to record my journey of growth

8. to support others that feel frustrated with their negative controlling mind

9. to get with the times

10. To show my kids I am not a technical dinosaur

11. To broaden my mind

Wish me luck.


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