His Queen will honor and cherish him

She crossed over a thousand seas
And filled great men with lust
Her fiery form and guarded soul allowed not a scaric of trust
Honey words and fumbling deeds left her discontent
For fools words flow like water falls
Like precious money spent

Passion and pride ignites her core and drives her to conquer the unknown
With armour of steel and weapons so vast
There is no opportunity for men to repent

On foot he came
No horse or sword
Hands of tenderness
With not a word to spare
With a look and a touch he made her pause
And challenged her to dare

The hand extended
Gently across
To remove the hair from her eyes
To give her hope and feel the joy
And see how a true man flies

The honey flowed not from his mouth
But his tongue and finger tips
His actions bought her to her knees like empty words never did

Her soul opened like a bud
from his respect and honesty
She was a queen at his feet
The weapons and fear fell from her heart
and were layed down in defeat

This man became her king
not for all the wars and women he conquered
But for all the tenderness and compassion he bestowed
And the crown of respect he gave her

Her body no longer became a drug to seduce the ignorant and blind
But a temple with treasures and a pool of warmth
It became the Kings greatest find

For a trusting heart and a valued soul rewards the king with much
His Queen will honor and cherish him
Because all that counts is such

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