Cause and Effect

25th January 2016
Here I sit.
And if I really wanted to, I could look, watch and listen.
I can see an action made by a person and I can come to a judgement.
No facts. No details. Just what I see.
Humans do it all the time.
They judge someone's actions.
But here in lies the question......are people happy to be ignorant of the big picture and form a judgement on their narrow view of someone's actions?
Do I want to be that person? Do I do it ? Perhaps... don't we all ?


Woman Cheats on Husband

Mother screams at child and virtually has a nervous break down

Woman with 3 young children leaves husband

Man moves to another state after marriage break up leaving 3 young children

Woman admits herself to hospital after an emotionally barren relationship

Woman becomes needy and clingy in a relationship

Woman signs up to online dating. Meets men and has one night stands

Woman turns in to raving lunatic when ex wife of current partner appears at residence

So many stories, so many opportunities for judgement.

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