Being single can either be life enriching or soul destroying. It depends on YOU. Today I embrace being single because I view every date as a discovery about myself and mankind. Every person educates me and some enthral me
Being single at 45 is way more enriching, exciting and fun than being single at 20. Meeting (note: meeting does not mean shagging) new people and learning to engage with the opposite sex is enlightening and eye opening.
Life is about growing and learning and it's a wonderful experience to be able to say " Hello world, this is me. Nice to meet you. Share with me laughter, fun and adventure"

Personally, I do have moments of doubt, as we all do that someone suddenly doesn't or we think that someone won't message back. Or want to see us again. They are the ones that you actually did find interesting. attractive or different.

And sometimes they don't. And the best thing to do is take what you learnt and leave the rest.
The doubt, the worry, the recycling of conversations and where it went wrong.

Take it on board. 

Going out into the dating world in this day and age is different. There is a whole new set of 'care factor' rules. Where you don't invest too much emotion, display the perfect amount of interest and say what is confident and individual whilst managing to say exactly what they want to hear.

It's a tough game of respect yourself, get what you want and need for your self and yet gather some respect and interest from other people.

It really is a your rules game. And the best rules to have is to look at it all as another opportunity to rise above it all & make sure you maintain balance with all the things in your life.

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