Your either a bitch or your needy.... and you can be both

12 Nov 2014

Not sure what the title has to do with this topic - but I read a great book about it and it kinda stuck in my head !

Of course the subject of the moment is men, women and relationships.

I'm delightfully out of relationships right now and delightfully not looking to get into another one any time soon. So that leaves me single and ready to mingle.....

Hmm single and ready to mingle. But who with. Well firstly, ready to mingle with those near and dear to me. So near would be my broom, my mop, my cleaning tools, my tools, and work on my house. Dear to me means making more meals for the kids, being there to listen to them and support them. I need to learn some tolerance big time (apparently - says my son) and I need to get my butt over to Melbourne and visit my family.

Talk talk all talk. Because at my current level of energy, Work gets first pickings, basic chores around the house get second, the kids might get me if they are lucky. I am here, but not entirely present.

But that doesn't mean to say I don't try. I do, but I am one of those people that sees an elephant and I try to eat the whole elephant in one mouth full rather than small bites. And when the elephants head gets stuck in my throat, I get over anxious and I fall and I cant get up. So I end up eating part of the elephant, and the rest is left there, not finished. I have 6 acres full of half eaten elephants. And that's just that side of the zoo.

Then we have my social life. Well, I am not sure I would call it that. My head says, ohhhh, it would be sooo nice to go out and have coffee, so nice to go out to dinner, soo nice to go out to ..../..../.... or even ......
But then I go ... who with. I have never been good at socialising. Well I am good at going out, having some bevies , getting a bit of confidence and chatting to people half cut. Put me in front of friendships and I steam roll the convo and talk about my tragic love life. And that all just has to stop. Because I need more than relationships. I need to learn how to make friendships. Learn how to mingle and just chillax.

I have been in relationships most of my life and 100% focused on them and I need to start to learn to hear people and be there for them. Its going to be a bit of .....

and that is where my dreaming left off.

Fast forward 4 months. And TAKE 2

Lets try this gig again. Oops I slipped into a relationship and I shouldn't have !

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